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The purpose of this Wiki
The Tory/LibDem Coalition has promised a 'Great Repeal Bill' (or 'Great Reform Act') to undo all of the legislation created by New Labour that have destroyed Great Britain and eroded the civil liberties of the citizens of this country. The Great Repeal Bill Bonfire Wiki exists to help the new government compile a complete list of all the legislation that needs to be repealed. By crowdsoursing the task of listing all the legislation that needs to be repealed, we should be able to get it all into a single document so that the Great Repeal Bill does not miss any bad laws.

Scope of this Wiki
The Great Repeal Bill should not only contain the bad law introduced by New Labour. It should contain all bad law on the statutes that infringe, curtail or damage the rights of the British People. If you know of any law that infringes your rights, you should create an entry for it here.

How to contribute
Anyone can contribute to this Wiki. See one of the articles that have already been created as a guide to how your entry should look if you are starting a new page. At a minimum, each page must have the name of the bill, a link to its text and the reason why it should be put on the Bonfire.

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