Health and Social Care Act 2001

Name of Legislation and link to Parliament

Health and Social Care Act 2001

Reason why it should be put on the Bonfire

This is an astonishingly evil piece of legislation, that allows private companies to harvest the complete medical details of individuals, so that they can then be (for example) asked to participate in trials of drugs and treatments.

An example of this is the private limited company 'Biobank' which recently sent out hundreds of thousands of 'invitations' to participate in a 'National medical research project'. The 'invited' persons had their details stolen, and transferred to Biobank's database and were given appointments that they had to opt out of.

It is absolutely unacceptable that private medical records should be used in this way, without the prior consent of patients. There are many opportunities to ask patients wether or not they would be willing to opt in to medical research. This is all possible thanks to this piece of terrible legislation.

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